Heavy Metals

    Barquero Ureña, Guillermo
    ISBN 9789968050173
    ISBN 9789968050173 (edición electrónica)
    Año 2023
    111 páginas, 1a edición
    0 gramos, 21cm x 14cm
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Edición Electrónica
3.51 USD
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Heavy Metals
Short Stories

The construction of fantastic devices to evade the all-powerful hand of disease; the detour through the snowy roads of a cold and merciless Iceland; the fire of an inferno that burned down the misfortune of a world of blinded smokers; the force to the abyss through the recourse of a betrayal disguised as goodness.

The ten short stories that compose Heavy Metals are pieces that have been torn from the anodyne of lives touched by boredom or physical ailments. In these stories, Barquero creates a narrative work in which the familiarity of things and trivial occurrences are subverted, as those beings who inhabit everyday scenarios undergo a savage change that has only been made possible by the touch of a demon or a word. They are bodies thicken by the weight of lead and mouths that taste like iron.